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Taking An Aromatherapy Bath

I have no doubt in my mind that an aromatherapy bath can be a soothing retreat as well as a way to get clean. Make sure that you develop a calm environment with soft music and dim lights. Light one … Continue reading

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Anger And Lovely Summer Heat

Is there a correlation between hot weather and anger/violence? If scientists are to be believed, there is a correlation and it is more physiological than sociological. Overheating of the body is widely been regarded as “hyperthermia.” The term means “high … Continue reading

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Treating Pink Eye

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis can be termed as a condition in which the eye becomes infected or irritated. Allergic reactions, viruses or bacterial infections are the main reason responsible for pink eye. In my opinion, it is a common disorder, … Continue reading

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Making Your Eyes Look Beautiful

To look good, it is quite important that you make your eyes look beautiful. For this to happen, you need to take care of your eyes. Because of the fact that eyes are most important facial feature that help you … Continue reading

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Cambridge Weight Plan: Side Effects

Whilst boasting impressive weight loss results, the Cambridge Weight Plan has come under scrutiny because of the side effects associated with it. The question now arises: Can these side effects have a negative impact on your health on a long … Continue reading

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Better Sex With Libido Foods

If your sex drive has been lower than normal and you are looking for a natural method to overcome this, it is recommended that you add the below mentioned libido foods for better sex. You will find that in a … Continue reading

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Improving Your Sense Of Smell

There are lots of reasons you may wish to improve your sense of smell. To start with, it is closely associated to your sense of taste. It is recommended that you try tasting food with your nose pinched! What’s more, … Continue reading

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