Abnormal Rhythm Of The Heart

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In case if your heart skips a beat or you can feel your own pulse throbbing without any provocation, keep in mind that it does not always mean a state of excitement. There is a strong possibility that you may have irregular beats of the heart, a disease commonly known as arrhythmia or the abnormal rhythm of the heart.

The disease arises primarily among individuals who have had a heart attack and suffered from minimized pumping function of the heart, those who have symptoms of giddiness or palpitation, or have frequent unexplained unconsciousness episodes. In addition, there could be a congenital electrical problem causing the heart to have irregular rhythm. Irrespective of the situation, the best solution is to rush to a cardiologist and have a thorough check done.

In terms of statistics, at least 20 per cent of the heart patients suffered from some form of arrhythmia. The challenge before the health care providers is to detect the symptoms early on in the piece and prevent sudden collapse and death.

Although the symptoms are identifiable, proper diagnosis and treatment depends quite a bit on technology. Awareness about the symptoms among the populace and early detection holds the key to saving lives.

Recent study published in Lancet magazine clearly highlights that the average age for heart ailments in the Western countries was 54 years and in India, it was 44 years. This was primarily because the West had made access to cigarettes and smoking difficult for the people, which was yet to happen in India.

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